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TGRR - A R/M Stockpick 6/24/19


New Direction for -TGRR- Trading .0012

Share Structure 06/19/2019 

Authorized Shares 500,000,000 04/01/2019 

Outstanding Shares 110,119,660 04/01/2019 

Float 104,034,660

Open Letter To Shareholders 


Dear Shareholders: 


The time has come for me to put an end to the growing number of speculative rumors received by the Company’s investor relations website and provide shareholders with a clear and concise picture of what I am doing to move the Company forward.  Essentially, consider this open letter to shareholders as the “State of the Union” for Tiger Reef, Inc. 


It has been a long and difficult road for the Company since it was forced to idle all operations and take a substantial write-down from the damage and losses incurred from Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017.  Since that day I have been working towards resolving the inherent conflict between our existing toxic debtholders and the Company’s need for fresh working capital to resume full operations. 


As many of you know we thought we had a unanimous deal reached in late 2017 which would have allowed the Company to resume operations.  However, that agreement fell apart at the last moment and ever since it has been a challenge to obtain any type of compromise from any of the existing toxic debtholders. 


Despite those losses and disappointments, I want to let everyone know that I am working on a new, and somewhat radically different, deal that may solve the existing toxic debtholder situation and allow the Company to resume full operations fairly soon.  It is important to stress here that a deal has not been ratified and is still being negotiated.  However, I feel that it is okay at this time to disclose the general structure and plan of what is currently on the table without compromising the deal or ongoing discussions. 


Presently I am working with a New York based business advisement group and hedge fund to provide the Company with a combination of immediate bridge financing that will lead to a substantial registered equity placement later this year after the Company becomes compliant with its SEC filings once again.  All parties involved believe the Company’s current share price is significantly undervalued and will take the steps necessary to facilitate the equity placement at a higher, less dilutive share price, after this deal closes.  The existing toxic debtholders will be satisfied with a portion of the proceeds of this capital raise.

So as not to repeat the events of late 2017 I will not disclose any other details at this time about the size or mechanics of this prospective financing.  There are a lot of moving pieces to this prospective financing and there are still quite a few specific details that need to be agreed upon before it can close. 


Should this prospective financing close the Company will immediately embark on the following: 



Resume compliance with the Company’s SEC filings obligations going back to the missing September 30, 2017 Form 10-Q; 


Settle outstanding toxic debt with proceeds from this financing; 


Resume quotations on the OTCQB (no reverse split will be undertaken to meet the $0.01 minimum bid mandate); and 


Alter the Company’s business model, which is a conditional prerequisite for obtaining this prospective financing. 


The Company will be exiting the restaurant business in its entirety.  Even though I’ve owned and operated successful restaurants in the US in the past, today’s capital requirements to open a high-volume restaurant are simply too high before any revenue can be generated (a minimum of a $2+ million capital investment before the first dollar of revenue is generated).  No one is going to provide the Company with that level of financing to us on an untested, non-franchised concept anytime soon. 


The Company will continue to idle its rum business until further notice.  Too much investment and work has been done already to completely abandon this venture.  However, there are still many hurdles involved, including obtaining US regulatory approval to import and distribute the products legally within the US. 


The Company’s new direction will have if focusing on developing, installing, and maintaining clean renewable energy technologies, particularly for the Cannabidiol (commonly referred to as “CBD”) and legalized marijuana growing industry.  One of the largest expenses for the production of CBD and the growing of legal marijuana is the electrical consumption of the machinery and specialized lighting systems.  The Company believes once the prospective funding in place it will be able to offer solutions to CBD producers and legal marijuana growers that could cut their energy consumption expenses by up to 40%. 


Let me be clear.  The Company has no intention to directly enter the CBD or legalized marijuana industry.  Rather, the Company will be offering a perfectly legal support service to this industry – on both a state and federal level.  Plus, because of how I intend to position the Company it will be entitled to substantial tax rebates and tax breaks for the deployment of these advanced clean energy technologies. 


Lastly, with the help of our business advisors the Company will start to explore strategic acquisition candidates to more rapidly expand the Company’s footprint within this marketplace as well as secure new technologies and patents that could have potential future long-term licensing opportunities for the Company.


I cannot go into more detail at this time on any of these subjects.  Sadly, I cannot guarantee that this prospective funding will close as anticipated.  In fact, it may never close at all; unforeseen issues sometimes crop up at the last moment similar to the events we experienced in 2017.  All I can do is do pledge to do my best to keep all shareholders better informed as the Company starts moving forward again in 2019 and let you know that I will keep working diligently towards closing this prospective financing within the next few weeks.


Very truly yours, 

J. Scott Sitra  President and Chief Executive Officer

My Analysis: 

The attorney's letter is indicative of a restructure. The company is earnest in getting current. The OTC yield will drop and is more of a sign that something is in the works. 

The SS is attractive at 104m. There has been no volume to speak of over the last 16 months and going back further. No dilution at the present time. Needs to be watched. 

Expect more press releases forthcoming but the direction is clear. 

The signs are in on a R/M play. 

MC is $500k. Very low. Look at this thing as a shell and the company trying to get back in and current. 

Worth a play at .0012 and a 1$m MC puts the share price at .01. 

Look for a 8-K. 

PR referencing a LOI. 

Update on funding and the 'Bridge Loan' path is great for shareholders.  

Shares are very thin and any catalyst will create a major spike. 


Corporate Market Awareness Consultant

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Featured R/M Stockpick

IFLM close .0005 6-7-19

Independent Film Dev - IFLM

Pro Music Rights today is the third-largest U.S. Performing Rights Organization, representing the intellectual property rights of thousands of songwriters, composers, and publishers.
Pro Music Rights works tirelessly to protect over 2,000,000 copyrighted musical compositions from unlawful copyright infringement.

Jake Noch, the founder of Pro Music Rights, LLC and a successful entrepreneur of Sosa Entertainment LLC, one of the fastest-growing music labels in the U.S. says, "while being one of the youngest performing rights organizations in the U.S., Pro Music Rights already controls over 7.4% of the U.S. market of public performance rights, and has endured unparalleled success in the music industry."
Vito Roppo, an advisor to Pro Music Rights, adds "Jake Noch is the future of the music industry, and his portfolio of artists will become the worldwide leader under Jake's ladership".

To further Pro Music Rights' mission, Jake entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Richard Gora, Esq. of Gora LLC, a law firm providing sophisticated intellectual property, licensing and enforcement counsel for Pro Music Rights' portfolio of copyrighted musical compositions.

Richard Gora says, "Jake Noch is a stalwart protector of Pro Music Rights' songwriters, composers, and publishers, along with their over 2,000,000 copyrighted musical compositions."

"Our long-term partnership will Jake Noch and Pro Music Rights will curb infringement activities and provide compensation for artists and musical works protected by Pro Music Rights," Richard Gora adds.
Jake Noch comments, "Our partnership with Richard Gora and his team at Gora LLC is the foundation of Pro Music Rights' desire to protect the intellectual property rights of its artists, and is what will result in unmeasurable growth and on-going trust. It is Pro Music Right's mission to prevent the unauthorized public performances of its Artists' works and to negotiate licenses for such performances on behalf of its Artists."

In the upcoming months, Pro Music Rights looks forward to continuing licensing negotiations with major influencers in the music industry in order to provide its artists and consumers with a growing variety of musical flairs. With such success, Pro Music Rights, LLC has confidently partnered with Gora LLC to provide the Company and its Artists with sophisticated legal expertise.
Richard Gora and associates of Gora LLC have ample experience managing trademark and copyright filings, litigating trademark and patent issues, drafting licensing and relationship management agreements and monitoring compliance with those agreements.

Pro Music Rights intends to finalize negotiations with multiple global streaming platforms. Currently, Pro Music Rights is negotiating with SoundCloud, one of the leading music and podcast streaming platforms in the world - Pro Music Rights hopes that through this partnership it will expand its success and reach millions of new listeners. 

My Analysis:

After a couple of years without direction and almost Zero volume, the last couple of days has seen a explosive movement that can be only attributed to a rebirth of IFLM.

Jake Noch has filed a couple of Form 4's giving him 10% ownership and bringing new life to this company.

Mr. Noch is not new to this rodeo and has brought success to his other company's and has spoken about bringing IFLM into a new direction.

This is currently and seems that IFLM is initiating a R/M with a private entity. We don't have all the details, but the interest in IFLM makes this issue a wonderful Momentum play.

I'm looking at this issue without a business model, but a shell company and with the recent filings is indicative of a potential rebirth. Certainly something is in the works and a seat at the table is worth a position.

The next month will give direction of where we are going and a much clearer picture. Expect updates as we move forward.

Look for additional official filings in the coming weeks as the company looks to become current.

Currently trading at .0005 makes this issue a decent buy at these levels. However, the issue is still a very speculative play, but never the less, a chance for a nice return on your ROI.

Have a good day. 

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Previous Issue

Verus International - VRUS - .02 +60% 6/7/19


Verus Foods has developed fine food products sourced in the United States-and exported them across the world.  A sharp eye on quality, sustainability, and the products customers want, we work very closely with our local and international suppliers to deliver the finest food products at reasonable prices.

With a leadership that has over 20 years' experience building successful partnerships between international brands and local retailers, a rapidly-expanding manufacturing operations platform, and growing brand recognition, we are gaining a reputation as a rising force in the global Food Industry.


Since the Company's inception, its management has continued to develop markets and opportunities across the globe for its evolving range of food products and services.  By working closely with its local and international supply chain and shipping partners, we are able to service clients on every continent with solutions matched to local dietary and cultural sensitivities.

Website : https://www.verusfoods.com/

Corporate 9841 Washingtonian Blvd, Suite 390, Gaithersburg MD 20878, USAinfo@VerusFoods.com  \  Tel: 1-301-329-2700

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RedHawk Holdings Corp. - IDNG - .0009 -35% 6/7/19


RedHawk Holdings Corp., formerly Independence Energy Corp., is a diversified holding company which, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in sales and distribution of medical devices, sales of branded generic pharmaceutical drugs, commercial real estate investment and leasing, sales of point of entry full-body security systems, and specialized financial services. Through its medical products business unit, the Company sells WoundClot Surgical - Advanced Bleeding Control, the SANDD Needle Destruction Unit (formerly known as the Disintegrator), the Carotid Artery Digital Non-Contact Thermometer and Zonis. Through our United Kingdom based subsidiary, we manufacture and market branded generic pharmaceuticals. Its real estate leasing revenues are generated from various commercial properties under long-term lease. Additionally, RedHawk's real estate investment unit holds limited liability company interest in various commercial restoration projects in Hawaii. The Company's financial service revenue is from brokerage services earned in connection with debt placement services. RedHawk Energy holds the exclusive U.S. manufacturing and distribution rights for the Centri Controlled Entry System, a unique, closed cabinet, nominal dose transmission full body x-ray scanner.



The Company believes the new name will better reflect the future direction of the business. The Company also said its
                      health care business unit will operate as a fully-owned subsidiary of RedHawk under the name Independence Health Corp., LLC.
The Company is waiting for regulatory approval to begin trading under its new trading symbol (HAWC) and new CUSIP number (75746Q103).

Disclaimer: Stockmarketquarter has not received any sort of monies or compensation or stock offers to profile IDNG. Stockmarketquarter  has bought a position without restrictions and can buy or sell at it's discretion .Stockmarketquarter.com 2019. Full Disclaimer below

My Analysis:

A couple of issues is forth coming and I expect this to happen this month (May).  
First, the official company's name and a new symbol. The applications have been filed. We just need the official announcement and I expect it soon.  
Upon the release of the official announcement they will have the website reflecting this and not before the above.

There will be more contracts, but much of this stems from the symbol and name change. This is the catalyst.

Currently we have a SS that is absolutely very favorable in the pinks.

Our MC is $758,791 on 541,993,867 O/S. This is very much undervalued and upon the above events will change this dramatically.

The shares are so tight and with the above events coming to fruition we will bounce hard and up.  
This is obvious - There is NO Dilution.  
This is a great buy at .0013-.0018 

Shells in play

Jpx Global, Inc. (JPEX)


Welcome to JPEX --
Shares are tight. Very good thing.
The buzz is -- You have embarked on a Shell that sat dormant for the last couple years.
The Form 15 - 12g-4/3 from January 2019 denotes this.
Simply means they cancelled the old and is preparing the new.
This is simply a shell that had NO business model and is looking for a partner.
R/M Is what we have here. This first showed up on Jan 2019 the filing.
We are now in R/M mode.
Look for Attorney LOI.
And filings update bringing in the new.  

This is now an in-play waiting game for further updates.
Trading at par value .001. A very attractive shell and a decent SS.

Share Structure 3/11/2019

Market Cap $333,288  
Authorized Shares
Outstanding Shares

Due Diligence is the waiting period. Never invest what you can't afford.

Shells are extremely unpredictable.

Disclaimer: Stockmarketquarter has not received any sort of monies or compensation or stock offers to profile JPEX.  Stockmarketquarter has bought a position without restrictions and can buy or sell at it's discretion .

Stockmarketquarter.com 2019.

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Homeland Resources Ltd. (HMLA)


- HMLA -

When a company files a Form 15g is simply to terminate any future filings of the old entity.
 This is done because of one reason. The company does not have a business model and pretty much a shell, more importantly, the cost to continue filing under the old firm is no longer required and now has actively  become a dormant entity.
However, what is interesting, is that David St. James who was the COO under the old firm is now the CEO of the firm. This suggests to me that he has taken over the shell.
Ok, with that said, form 15g is an indication that they may be looking
into a R/M.
Now this point in time, it is a wait and see, but due to the inactivity
and the price is still around .02 makes this shell a very much an
attraction for a merger.
The share structure is absolutely a solid indication that this shell is
worth well beyond letting go in default, so the 15g was filed taking out the old and setting this shell possibly through a R/M into a new entity.
Here again, this is currently going to be a issue that may test your
patience since these issues currently is absolutely a unknown entity when this filing has been made and volume will continue to flounder in this area. Having always been very partial to getting into a superb shell with SS  this low and I mean this is a perfect setup for a R/M, but patience is key and the filing coming in the last quarter of the year may be an indication that 2019 may be the comeback.
 What we have here is a shell that is worth $75K and valued as such. I
don't see this trading range moving above .002 or really going much lower. My belief is that this shell is extremely valuable and as we speak, being peddled as such.
So now this has become a silent period until the next announcement from
the company through NEW filings to give direction where they want to take this.
 I am betting on a new direction through a R/M. When? That is where we are now. 

Due Diligence is the waiting period. Never invest what you can't afford.

Shells are extremely unpredictable.

Disclaimer: Stockmarketquarter has not received any sort of monies or compensation or stock offers to profile HMLA  Stockmarketquarter has bought a position without restrictions and can buy or sell at it's discretion .

Stockmarketquarter.com 2019.

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 There has been much talk about silver and it's current price. Silver has been beaten down for the last few years and many feel that 2019 may very well be the year for Silver's comeback.

Now that is fine,  but I like silver as a Asset Value addition to my overall portfolio and a great place to start your long-term Investment is ' Sprott Physical Silver Trust' -  PSLV -



Blockchain formation. The main chain (black) consists of the longest series of blocks from the genesis block (green) to the current block. Orphan blocks (purple) exist outside of the main chain.

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