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Stockpick week 2-12-18 - MINE -

News 2/27/18


Trading .0005

Minerco, Inc. is a holding company, which through its subsidiary, Level 5 Beverage Co. Inc, develops, produces, markets, and distributes a diversified portfolio of beverage brands. Its brands include VitaminFIZZ, Vitamin Creamer, Coffee Boost and The Herbal Collection.
The company was founded on June 21, 2007 and is headquartered in Houston, TX.  800 Bering Drive Suite 201 Houston, TX 77057
www.minercoinc.com (888) 473-5150 info@minercoinc.com

My Comments:  
MINE is currently update on the OTC.
There is a lot of buzz and the volume on Friday went through the roof of 1.8B traded. This volume and interest is a precursor to pending big announcements.  

The word is that this week 02-12-18 is going to be one hell'va ride.  When one wants to trade into a company like -MINE- it is the momentum that controls the session.

This company is going to gain new highs as the interest is explosive and that is the interest we need to make awesome gains.  It is not to late to get a position and I recommend an entry of .0003 - .0006 and with such interest and momentum that we can easily achieve to a level of .001+ this week.

Trade smart.  


Pocket Games, Inc. -PKGM-

Profiled week 2-4-18

Pocket Games, Inc. is an alternative reporting company on the OTC:US market, trading under the symbol PKGM. With a history in developing games and apps for mobile and PC's, Pocket Games is currently branching out into alternate revenue stream.


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