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DSG TAG Systems, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and     marketing of fleet management solutions for the golf industry, as well as     commercial, government and military applications. The company was founded     by a group of individuals who have dedicated their careers to fleet     management technologies and have been at the forefront of the industry's     most innovative developments.

DSGT - Price range 3/20/18 .003 Currently 3/2/19 .0008 - 73%

Website: http://www.dsgtag.com/index.php


Common Stock SEC Reporting - Current

Contact Info
214 - 5455 152nd Street
Surrey, BC V3S 5A5
Website: http://www.dsgtag.com
Phone: (604) 575-3848
Email: info@dsgtag.com

Minerco, Inc. (OTC:MINE), is a publicly traded brand management and holding company specializing in the development of beverage, entertainment and ancillary brands.

The current Minerco brand umbrella includes: VitaminFIZZ®, The Herbal Collection™ & Fuse Live Events.

Minerco is always seeking new opportunities to expand our portfolio, whether the brands are well established or startups.

Our access, databases and access to capital provide opportunities and high level exposure most brands can only dream about.

Stockpick week 2-12-18  - MINE .0003 Currently .0001

Website: http://minercoinc.com/

Email: info@minercoinc.com

Address: 800 Bering Drive, #201, Houston, Texas 77057